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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  NBC  January 9, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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now i'm just savoring it all. >> and the main event. j-law veersus schumer. >> it's over and she needs to know that. >> is amy bringing her new man to the globe? woo we've uncovered about the guy who already met her family. >> he has to be funny. he has to be nice. >> ricky gervais getting to l.a. >> his most outrageous globes insult ever. >> reminds me of the best work done this year, by cot smetic surgeons. >> leonardo decaprio flash back. >> and what "e.t." caught in 35 years of covering the awards. >> there was never a bar open. >> okay. >> now in our 35th season,
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>> thanks for joining us on this golden globes weekend. jennifer lawrence, amy schumer, ben affleck, and a red carpet after not in. >> officially swept hollywood. and the beverly hills hilton hotel where a last-second scrap under way. >> red carpet rolled out behind me just as plenty of stars jet to l.a. >> they're nice. they will take it well. >> all right. >> host ricky gervais arriving at lax earlier in the week and ready to take on hollywood. >> anyone that's off limits? >> off limits? >> anyone bigger than me. >> meanwhile, by tuesday night, some globe stars were still in new york. >> a lot of people are so excited to see you nominated for a golden globe.
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original "rocky." >> what happened in '77, i wasn't in the moment. and to understand how hard it is. and so now i'm just savoring it all. >> at national board of review awards matt damon brought his wife, who presented the board's best actor award by robert de niro. in his speech, matt said it was stallone acting in his own rocky script that inspired both matt and ben affleck to insist they start in their break-through script in "goodwill hunting." also on hand, hateful 8 sam jackson and jennifer jason lee. at that point still undecided on her globe gown. >> i don't know what i'm wearing yet. keep your fingers crossed for me. >> interviewing 9-year-old and his co-star for best actress and globe nominee larson.
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in a couture dress and told me she's been to the golden globes before but not as a nominee. >> i went with my neighbor before. but i sat in the back. i got it hang out. but this is my first time going. >> on globes night, i'll be back stage with the winners and we will bring you those winners live. yes, live on "e.t.'s" facebook page as they happen. >> that's going to be a lot of fun. >> sure is. >> awards season is like an olympic sport for the nominees. you can't go into the golden globes without a little warm-up. that's why we spotted will, cate blanchett and so many other hopefuls on new year's weekend at the paul springs international film festival. >> mary hart hosting the gala and doing double duty for us. by the way, she had the stares a
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>> you get shot out the barrel. >> march to the oscars. you make it sound like the death march or something. >> mayhem? you know, my wife and i get all dressed up and we have a night out. then hit in-n-out on wait home. >> it fun but tiring. johnny depp. other kate stunning in blue, wearing mark jacobs. >> i'm going to wing it. i've learned to crochet recently. things. with. winslet. >> i had the chance to reconnect with so many old friends i've interviewed over the years. johnny depp, who arrived with his wife, amber.
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>> and from the second that i there. and i was always very happy when i knew i was going to do an interview with you. >> i ward, whoever, who gives a -- but -- except for this one. >> matt damon's role in the "martian" brought him an award. ben affleck won the same award a few years back. >> i'm the chairman. and he needs to recognize. >> we get to see our favorite stars rubbing elbows and our first look at hollywood's fresh faces. my gosh, what a year and what films you have out. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> this is a bit overwhelming and it's just starting. >> trying to wrap my head around
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i'm just going to take it in for holt days, everything i do -- >> it'll be us. >> memories. >> after this, we all go in our different directions. but i think it is worthwhile to have these conversations. how are we showing women? what's that imagery look like? how do we come through with things that are exciting and progressive for women? >> christian bale and the staff with the winner director adam mckay. interviewing while i was on stage. >> i have to go back out on stage. i can't believe this. >> interview -- >> what are the two times you've ever cheated on your taxes? have you ever hit and run and killed someone and just driven away? what's the most awkward sexual encounter you've ever had in your life? >> there's no tape in the camera. >> the party continues at the parker palms springs as the film fest teams up with variety for
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presented by mercedes benz. will talked about just celebrating his anniversary with wife, jada, of 18 years. >> we have 18 years this year, we decided to go for at least 20. >> so good to see you, mary. thank you for covering for us. >> no doubt about that. this golden globes has become a bit after face-off of sorts. i'm talking about amy schumer and jennifer lawrence. experts have them neck and neck to win. in best picture, musical or comedy. we spoke to the friends about their fierce competition. >> i just want to know since you are bffs and you are in the same category, can the friendship survive? >> no. the friendship is completely over and she needs to know that. >> amy says the friendship is over. >> i lost her number. it's done. >> no, no, we beth agree.
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she won't say that, but i would like to see her cute little ass up there on that stage. selfishly it would be good for our movie if she won. the first time to have fun. yeah, it would be cool. we're trying to see if we can sit next to each other. >> i love that idea. >> it would not be civil. >> who are you rooting for? they are battling it out. >> i think we all want amy to win. >> of course, jennifer is nominated for her role in "joy." amy in "train wreck." they were spotted out separately this week. jennifer lawrence at jfk, and with bbc radio about her movie. >> we have an official first draft. and i'm going to try to put that somewhere in my ghoulish schedule. >> good luck. >> thank you. >> amy spent tuesday in washington for president obama's cheerful speech about gun
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those kids, it gets me mad. >> amy was seated in the front white house. she's been add advocate for gun control since three audience members were shot and killed during a screening of "train wreck". her trip to d.c. fuels more news ahead of the globes. does amy have a new date? the globes. >> he has to be funny, be nice, and have a normal relationship with his mother. >> funny and nice, check that. not sure about the mom thing. but ben hennish scoring points withis in with his instagram post. sometimes in life you're lucky when someone beautiful comes along and it is unexpected.
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five years. >> the two girls are really close. now we did some digging and found out that it they all vacationed together in seattle and aid my is making jokes saying, i'm pregnant, i didn't know how else to tell you. >> four hockey players used to rock a bowl cut. and shirtless pull-ups. and three, an aspire be actor. a short film called kwo "last train to lindon." >> my parents were married at my age. that's what i don't want. >> everyone will watch to see if globe awards. not sure if we will see him on the actual red carpet with her but i think there's a good chance he will show up at the after parties app her side. >> more globes coverage coming
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globes are fun. you sit around and have drink. >> that was leonardo decaprio out this week in new york. he is the odds-on favorite to win an oscar and globe. this weekend not only is he nominated for a golden globe but also for director. >> they will give competitors a run for their money. they filmed for nine months in the freezing wilderness. our carly got them nice and toasty for our exclusive roundtable discussion. >> leo. >> yes. >> back in the waters again. back in frigid waters. you must like a cold shower. >> i guess so. i love the -- no. look. we knew what we were signing up for with this movie.
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the real wilderness and in far-off locations. but i think we were all excited about the prospect of doing something completely different and challenging. and everyday was a challenge. >> the thing you do is track a new course. >> bring this epic true story of survival to the screen. leo and the rest of the incredible ensemble cast shot in in the uncharted frontier of the 1800s. the director's obsession with authenticity meant not a single electric light was used on location. the actors were illuminated only by sun light and fire. >> we today had to rehearse constantly to get the shots out in nature perfectly set up, then we would have an hour and half of natural light to capture. it was a mad scramble everyday. capture everything in an hour and a half. i think all that tension and all that, you know, and that anxiety of having to accomplish that day shows itself in the movie as well.
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today grow some aggressive facial hair. still sporting some -- oh, i like that. you specifically are clean kpupt you can get away with -- shaving -- bushiest. competition -- >> ways absolutely. that beard. became a close friend. but i got rid of that friend as soon as i could when production stopped. i'm happy to have my beard gone. >> we were in a fairly common neighborhood of, you know, of many things. it was a living organ. >> now, this is a big year for
6:16 pm
obviously star wars, and we talk caught the star wars premier -- >> you have to accept that i'm the new guy in town and i'm sorry, leo, it's over. i'm the new man. sorry, it's over. >> anything to add? >> i hear the sarcasm and humor sometimes. >> such an intense movie, too. while many say that leo should get his acceptance speech ready, there are certainly many more faces battling it out for a globe and coming up, our special coverage continues with your cheap seat to the other movies and actors. those experts have pegged a shoe-in to win. >> this is the most crucial race of all.
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moments from the golden globes. your front row seat to the fashions. >> you look phenomenal. >> and what you didn't see during the show. stars unfiltered in the moments that will be trending all night. >> twitter will explode. >> the best of the golden globes. from the red carpet to the party. monday only on "e.t.." >> welcome back, everyone. now the golden globe awards are by the hollywood foreign press and nominees represent several nations including sweden, australia and the uk. 31% of those honored with a nod are from great britain. we have more impressive facts and figures to arm you with. here we go. golden globes by the numbers. >> serving 1500 stars inside the ballroom is a huge production. it takes 40 chefs. 250 servers. and 6,000 pounds of beef and salmon. >> nominees will dine on marinara crusted filet and steelhead salmon.
6:19 pm
>> usually the filet and since it is globes week, i'm trying to be very well behaved. >> the biggest party of the year, won't be a party, without the food. >> 2,004 imperial rose. my fair vorite. and 10,000 blooms including 6 6,000 roses flown in from holland and south america. these centerpieces are very heavy. and if the stars aren't taking them home after the show, i am. >> and three days of stormy weather impact the show? >> the weather isn't ideal this week. how are you going to preserve the $10,000 dresses? >> the tent. better safe than sorry. make sure that everybody is dry. when they get out of their cars.
6:20 pm
some of the dresses cost more than the tent. h. >> another major concern is the beverly hilton security. how to keep stars and fans safe in the light of recent terrorist takes and paris and san bernardino. >> there are some tools and new procedures that we have established. >> and they shouldn't even think about it. >> new presenters? >> just before we came on camera. and katy perry will be presenting. >> i have another number for you. zero. that's how many from the movie spotlight are nominated for their roles in the film. kind of incredible. and yet the movie is up for best motion picture and drama. here's the question. is it going to win? >> it has stiff competition. we will see. but the man who knows his stuff when it comes to globes, tom, he is called the expert expert when it comes to all things awards.
6:21 pm
you the ultimate golden globes prediction, cheat sheet. leo is the globe's darling. 11th globe nomination. won twice. but a win this year is no slam dunk. >> leo decaprio needs to worry about kranson and will smith for "concussion." that could trip up leo. the globe, about 75%, that means leo absolutely needs to win at the globes if he finally catches up. >> spotlight seems to be in the lead for best picture drama for now. >> "spotlight" is nominated in all those crucial category ies for director, picture and screen play. is there a weakness there? we don't know. can pull up an upset because voters like to go for a big
6:22 pm
coolest cat in hollywood against the biggest movie star in the world, amy versus jennifer. bet on amy to win. please? spoiler. watch out. she did pull it off at the end. >> globe forecasts are determined after consulting hollywood's most experienced media guru. >> the predictions are based upon 24 experts from entertainment weekly, "l.a. times," all the top media, we combine these predictions and issue odds on who will win. >> those experts predict larson to win and because of her other gig. >> a good thing that brie appears in "train wreck." the more movies you appear in in one year, better it is for your clanses. >> sly has three globe nods but never won. could that all change this year with his supporting role in "creed"? >> following sly stallone's career for 40 years. he is heavyweight and will
6:23 pm
>> and it wouldn't be the globe without a controversy. >> there's been such a backlash in martian in best comedy picture that will probably give the edge. >> and tom says bet on matt is a sure thing. >> matt damon has never won a major hollywood award for acting. one for writing. but he is overdue finally for a performer. >> and up right now, you can add your predictions and compete against the experts. straight ahead, all about tv. we're with the christian slater and rob lowe, talking about their globe honors. was 18. so it still doesn't get old. >> beyond that list, remarkable, great actors, incredibly talented.
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v plus had less major bleeding. both made switching to eliquis right for me. ask your doctor if it's right for you. our special on golden globes weekend. that is usa weekend's "mr. robot." which is expected to beat game of thrones as best drama. >> now christian slater is a hollywood best. 46 of years old. a first time golden globe nominee. we saw him for the big news. >> i've always been a big fan in the association. i've always admired the shows they've chosen.
6:28 pm
great actors. incredibly talented. i'm honored and humbled and thrilled. >> i cannot believe you work here. >> christian pass aid long the co-star. >> phenomenally talented. very magnetizing ability. even on the show. i loved every second of it. >> i probably shouldn't talk to you. >> let's go to the bar next door. >> on the show, elliott works in cybersecurity by day. but by night is a vigilante hacker recruited by christian acharacter, mr. robot, to bring down a target, corporate america. >> it is about hacking and rommy's character captured the feeling of how a lot of people
6:29 pm
disenchanted, isolated, disconnected disconnected. and that's a lonely feeling and i think rommy translates that well. >> up for the best series and critical acclaim, life couldn't be sweeter for christian. >> a surprise. i think everyone here at usa is happy. they took a chance, i think, with the show. and a huge gamble for them. it's been a wild ride. >> now while this is christian's first time up for an award, it is rob lowe's sixth. >> nominated for his new comedy "the grinder." we met up with rob where he deserved a congratulations. >> rob lowe, "the grinder." >> first time i was nominated, i was 18. it still doesn't get old. >> now 51, rob has come fill circle since the 1983 nomination for "thursday's child." >> for me, the best part about
6:30 pm
drama and now i have it in comedy. and to be able to not be pigeon holed and to be able to be accepted as both a dramatic actor and comedic actor, that's the real dream. >> another mark of his success, executive producing the fox show. and experiencing the power during the set visit. >> guys, we're shooting. thank you. >> says the ep. that's how it's done. >> it feels right. feels very right. >> what doesn't feel as right, college student/actor, on the show. >> here i thought i avoided the pit falls of raising actors. we did it, got him into a good school with stanford. and but look, the world doesn't need that. >> no, they don't need that.
6:31 pm
now, the defense calls mr. albert krants. >> thank you. >> wait. you'll be back lit. >> rob plays an actor who played a lawyer on tv and new wants to be one for real. his little brother is fred savidge who plays an actual attorney. >> you're going to law school? >> so i think you read that you think rob lowe is -- >> when you look at him, it is birds singing. >> birds singing and sometimes just angels laughing. >> what is rob lowe the boss like? >> certainly know how to get -- >> you do? >> half the battle. what could get done on a noisy set? nothing. who get the set quiet? me. i'm a good producer. >> now we talked a lot about the guys of tv. but come on, what about the ladies? >> interesting. you know i'm glad you pointed that out. thank you. "jane the virgin" tina rodriguez won her role last year.
6:32 pm
rachel bloom from crazy ex girlfriend this season and new they are both up for comedy golden globes. i'm not saying they predicted it, but we predicted it. >> gina rodriguez, "jane the virgin." >> oh, i'm so excited. >> on nomination day, -- >> second golden globe nomination. >> crazy. >> how are you feeling right now? >> amazing. >> of course, before gene gentleman won her globe last year, we named her our break out star and this season it was rachel bloom. >> been a crazy day. >> nominated for golden globe. >> rachel bloom. nominated for ex girlfriend. do? >> i was in a robe and i did happy dance with my husband. >> i just want to say thank you because i'm one of those people that makes up really ridiculous
6:33 pm
>> all about my daily routine. so thank you for doing that. >> you're welcome. you're not alone. >> she plays a successful manhattan attorney who turns into the crazy ex girlfriend when she follows a former fling across the country to the suburbs of l.a. >> what is the craziest thing you've done for love? this is huge part of the show. >> the craziest thing i've done is tricking myself into thinking i'm not stalking someone. i would go to a place just to run into them. i have this in my diary, i'm like, dear diary, today i went to that starbucks because i wanted to go there and i blah. >> interesting. they are up against lilly tomlin, jamie lee curtis and julia louis-dreyfus. >> so funny in that show. she deserves it. >> on the way, host ricky
6:34 pm
making hollywood squirm. >> please welcome, ashton kutcher's dad, bruce willis. >> and my favorite thing to look out for on the red carpet, are those fashions and style gurus. josie is giving us his fashion
6:35 pm
>> please welcome ashton kutcher's father, bruce willis.
6:36 pm
one of rich ky gervais's classics. >> as we look forward to hearing all of the reaction from this year's telecast, let's go back in time with the best of his worst and why the stars should be scared. >> our next presenter, is the queen of pop. not you, sit down. the golden globes are the oscars what kim kardashian is to kate middleton. >> insensitive, politically incorrect, and category about offending the stars. >> a ridiculous rumor that the only reason they are nominate said because so the hollywood foreign press could hang out with johnny depp and angelina jolie. that is rubbish. i also accepted bribes. have you seen "the tourist" yet?
6:37 pm
>> oh, boy, he's fun. >> so what could go wrong? well, it's live. so that bleep button better be ready. >> i'm not sure because i can't [ bleep ]. >> please welcome, selma hyatt and antonio bandera. >> mnbc seems to be betting on him to keep insulting the a-listers. >> please welcome ashton kutcher's dad, bruce willis. >> then the on-air drinking. >> i like a drink as much as the next man. unless the next man is mel gibson. >> it is so good having a job where you can get drunk and say what you want. and they still pay you. >> this was a joke -- >> what can i be? >> don't tell everybody. >> no one is immune from a good natured bashing. >> are you nervous? >> yes. but he already apologized.
6:38 pm
>> after his last hosting dpig gig, he vowed never to return. >> i'm never doing this again anyway. >> we can only guess that money talks. >> all the plates ces here, reminds me of the work done this year, by cosmetic surgeons. >> doesn't matter to me. i've been paid. what can they do? >> now the hollywood foreign press have warned me, if i offend any of you or any of them or offend any viewers or anyone whatsoever, they will definitely invite me back next year as well. >> now ricky was fully aware he could ruffle feathers this year preemtive strike, quote, because i can see the few tour, i'd like to apologies now for the things globes. >> he is already getting laughs and the show hasn't happened. not one thing that everyone will agree on on monday is the
6:39 pm
kate winslet dazzled in this dress in 2009. while jennifer lawrence wowed back in 2014. but now they're nominated again. how did this year's nominee pop themselves at another golden globe? joining us on the red carpet and he stopped by on friday to give us a fashion forecast a to z. >> and of course you know that j-law has to wear dior. she has a contract for three more years. >> and on the red carpet and designed by committee of designers at dior. >> cate blanchett, one of my favorites, what is she wearing? >> i heart through the grapevine she maybe or -- at least she is a contender. you know who dressed, her co-star, and both nominees. >> lady gaga, is she going to show up on the red carpet with her outrageous lady gaga or
6:40 pm
>> well. >> i think she is going for classic. we saw her at the emmys. she looked phenomenal. she wore brandon maxwell who has been her stylest for the last couple of years and has become the hottest break-out designer on the red carpet. >> melissa mccarthy, has her own fashion line. is she going to wear her own design? >> she said she can't find anything for her out in the outside market. she could very well wear her own designs. remember a few decades ago, kim bay singer, demi moore, used to people would laugh. today you look at it and someone like melissa could pull it off. can you give us? >> big buddies with designer alexander and she wore him to the emmys and on the the best dressed list. again. >> and jennifer lopez, not confirmed to be a presenter with
6:41 pm
vegas, going for something costumy and flag flashy and maybe nude but just like strategically placed crystals. and i think we will see a lot of black and white on the red carpet but i think not heavy. much more flowy and lace and sheer and cut out. a little bit more romantic. >> bright colors? >> i think a lot of people say carpet. i think we will see red on the red carpet this year. >> and stars turn out for mark zu nino's grand opening. expert stars to see his look at the globe. >> for sure, laverne cox, lilly tomlin, and a lot of stars and it'll be fun. and everybody else getting all of the mechanics and the weather, what they were going to wear and now don't want to. and everything changed and clothes are all over the place. >> and here we've seen amy schumer stealing j-law's oscar look last fall.
6:42 pm
at the globe. j-law is the face of dior and said she doesn't know if the label shares her sense of humor and n asking them to both dress in the same gown. we look back in our 325 5 years of covering these awards and the most memorable moments. >> a combination of spanx and spando. >> which english musician wanted a career as a so your perfect cup of coffee has never been so dressed up. dunkin' donuts coffee. cheers to greatness inside and out. america runs on dunkin'. hey i'm here on the red carpet where our next arrival is... whoa! toenail fungus!? fight it! with jublia. jublia is a prescription medicine used to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. are you getting this?! most common side effects include ingrown toenail,
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hi, i'm ricky gervais. watch me host the golden globes. oh, doesn't matter to me. i've been paid. >> impressive. they've been handing out globes for that long. here we are celebrating 35 seasons on the air. >> and in that many seasons, we've gotten plenty of golden globe winners and nomineees. here is a look back at some of the most memorable moments. >> my first big award show. so i'm just sort of playing it cool and observing everything, you know what i mean? >> i think i was 18 tp very nerve-racking. very nerve-racking experience. >> you didn't come as a couple tonight, did you? >> yeah, we came together. >> very cool. great. something we ought to know? >> no, absolutely not.
6:46 pm
>> if there was one star here tonight, whose autographic could get, who would it be? >> for me? i saw leonardo decaprio. and he didn't know it, but we're going to be married one day. or at left have a lair together. >> halle berry. >> why? >> she is gorgeous. >> oh. we're at the same table. >> you're sitting with him? >> i'm sitting with him. i'll see him tonight. that's nice. >> it's wonderful. thank you. >> i'm prepping you, as friend. >> you know, the questions, when are the babies coming? >>. >> well, who knowes. >> worse than my mother. >> now that you're officially engaged, when are you going to officially tie the knot? >> how does it feel to come to your first awards show expecting? >> very strange. you know, i feel like i'm an old lady now. you know.
6:47 pm
in something sexy and fabulous. >> you're looking sexy. >> thank you. >> the best part of golden globes, seeing the stars just be themselves. >> there's a bar open and the whole thing. >> there was never a bar open. that in the olden days. >> now wait a second. every star i talked to said they go to the bar. >> okay. what? >> trust me. i've been there. i know what there is and what there isn't. >> i was in the bathroom, mom. >> you know, you can't win too many awards. >> but you don't usually win them in the ladies' room. >> mine is probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. >> one none of us will never forget. >> she's in the bathroom, okay. >> what do we do? >> great time. >> you know, commercial break and okay. >> is this just the beginning? >> i hope it is the middle.
6:48 pm
>> and this is all together? >> remember, 2003 when jen anston showed up with a cane because she broke her toe. her ex, brad, did the same thing almost a decade later. >> still on the cane? >> little bit. i'm getting annoyed with the cane. couple more days and i will wing it. >> how is he at home? asking for extra tender loving care? >> no, he fights through and pretend he's not injured. >> angelina las been to countless awards show but back at 2000 globes we showed her her first oscar appearance. >> are you nervous for your dad tonight? >> i went to the mall to try to find a dress. i'm so black leather. when i was little, pants, tom boy. and i had to be a girl. so lace and everything i could
6:49 pm
>> and pound it on. >> excuse me. >> yeah. >> make out between -- a tetly cringe worthy moment but come on. >> 35 years. >> and capturing countless memories. >> what's my attitude? >> you may not grow up, that's all i can say. >> so stand on it for a second. >> this is a bond look if ever i saw one. >> this is crazy. >> do you hate it that public is looking for to you get pregnant? every moment of the day? >> i don't hate it at all. i don't hate it at all. something i love, actually. >> you google yourself? >> absolutely not. >> spanx? commando. or combination of spax and commando. i think the ladies out there know what i'm talking about.
6:50 pm
someone gave me four grapes and a slice of chicken and said, here's your lunch. >> the first show, streamed live. >> you are now on the world wide web. >> held why world wide web. >> but our favorite memory is with these two break out stars. 1998 fresh-faced winners matt and ben. >> hold on one second. here's ben. come on. >> are you happy with what you've done up there? >> yeah, i don't remember what i said. >> you have a clip? >> i want to say to my family at home, i love you more than anything in the world. and to my dad, i got a better seat than jack nicholson. >> that makes it real. >> a lot of people think meryl streep hold the record with most wins with eight awards. >> but if you include honorary
6:51 pm
look at all those stars
6:52 pm
kate middleton, 34. backstreet boys, 38. pat pat ben tar turns 63. what musician wanted a professional soccer career? rod stewart. there he is. cano cano we're almost out of time this weekend. for all of the late-breaking news. go to our website. >> before we go, a few golden globe nominees are musicians. only two of the nominated songs
6:53 pm
so we leave you with one of them. elle guilding an her video for the number one hit song "love me like you do." >> have a great rest of your
6:54 pm
it was one of those moments where you just want to go back two minutes. just two minutes ago, he was laying beside me and he was alive. and now he's gone forever. >> inside a sleeping house.
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